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Vent about terrible roommates. Kickstarter Roundup: Jan 12, 2020, 5+ Ending Soon (including: SANCTORVM) amp 40+ New This Week (including: Black Sonata: The Fair Youth. Bloodborne game in the future? Not Direct Sequel.

Housemate is angry with me, but won't talk to me about it

[WP] You were born with incredible powers, superhero teams and government agencies really want you to join them. The problem: You don't like people. TIFU by not taking out the bins before going on a holiday for two nights, leading to a maggot parade throughout my parents' house. She woke up to find herself in an empty bathroom, lying next to her was exactly thirty-five pills, each pill contained a different effect. One was an anti-depressant, another was a painkiller, and so on and so forth, but the newest one she decided to try out was a pill that came into the market during the fifth, and final world war, she had no idea what the pill would do to her. She didnt know whether she was depressed that she had woken up or if she truly had won the genetic lottery. “The.

I work at a DV shelter in deplorable conditions and mice in the food, will there be legal repercussions if I expose pictures. Landlady tried to raise my rent early, and more than legally allowed. I informed her of Oakland's tenant protections, today I got an eviction notice. I know you miss the way I saw you.

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