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Tiger vishwa movie. Tiger vishwa movie hd. Tiger vishwa movie songs. Tiger vishwa trailer tamil. Tiger vishwa movie hindi dubbed. Tiger viswanathan. Tiger vishwakarma. Tiger vs warthog. Tiger vishay. Tiger viswa songs. Tiger fish apply. Tiger fish africa. Tiger vishwa cast. Tiger fish adaptations. Tiger vs warthog fight. After the success of ye maya chesave and 100 % love Chaitu's one and only action movie which bombed at the box office. the debut director Ajay Bhuyan lacked punch in the movie, although the movie is stylish and productions values are too good it lacks a story. br> the cinematography is good, Austria locations are good, the actors like RahulDev and KellyDorge are under utilized. br> comedy in this film is not good and it din exist as such in the film kajal agarwal acting style is good but her dubbing voice is not so chaitanya 's acting is OK...
devisree prasad's music is a big let down. br> over all i rate 5 on 10 for this movie. a big disappointment.

Just how bad is it? Well, I was yawning for most the the second half of the film, which is never a good sign.
Just what were they thinking when they green lit this? Even by the sometimes appalling standards of Indian cinema, the story here was just about non-existent. Barely any coherence whatsoever, it seemed to lurch from one direction to another without any regard for what made sense. The whole thing just seemed to be an excuse to string a whole bunch of unrelated action sequences together presumably on the premise that copious action sequences would hide the lack of any coherent story.
Whilst the action sequences were not that bad most of the time, they certainly were not any where near good enough to mask the lack of a story. The mish mash of locations only compounded the lack of coherence of the film overall.
Given what little they were given to work with, you can hardly fault the actors for what they dished up. I was most impressed by Naga Chaitanya Akkineni in the very, very impressive "Ye Maaya Chesave" not quite so enamored with his performance in "100% Love" but this was not even close to what we have seen him achieve. Perhaps action is not his strong suit? Similarly I thought Kajal Agarwal was very good in "Mr Perfect" the highlight of that film in fact, but this role does her no favors at all, as much as she did try.
As for the rest? Well, I suppose there was supposed to be some comedy elements but they mostly just fizzled to nothing before they even started, and the appearance of the comic turns simply mired the film in the proverbial mud even more. Talk about firing blanks! These didn't even leave the firing chamber. br> On the whole there is simply not a single redeeming feature I can think of to give even a modest positive spin to the film. It really is that bad and it should come as no surprise that this apparently bombed at the box office.
Not even fans of any of the main cast should bother with this one. A blight on Telugu cinema, the stench of which may take some time to be removed.

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