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When i listen a lines I cryied and nice music. Thagararu movie heroine. Thagaraaru movie download. Keep it up brother, ur talent is limitless. Thagaraaru full movie. Thagaraaru First look poster Directed by Ganesh Vinaayac Produced by Dayanidhi Azhagiri Vivek Rathnavel Written by Ganesh Vinaayac Starring Arulnithi Poorna Jayaprakash Pawan Sulile Kumar Aadukalam Murugadoss Music by Dharan Praveen Sathya (score) Cinematography Dillraj Edited by T. S. Suresh Production company Cloud Nine Movies Distributed by Red Giant Movies Meeka Entertainment Release date 6 December 2013 Country India Language Tamil Thagaraaru (English: Argument) is a 2013 Indian Tamil action mystery drama film written and directed by newcomer Ganesh Vinaayac and produced by Cloud Nine Movies. [1] 2] The film stars Arulnithi and Poorna in the lead roles while Jayaprakash, Pawan, Sulile Kumar, and Aadukalam Murugadoss appear in supporting roles. The soundtrack was composed by Dharan, while Praveen Sathya composed the score. [3] Dillraj was the cinematographer, and T. Suresh edited the film. The film released on 6 December 2013 and received positive reviews from critics. The film did average business at the box office. [4] Cast [ edit] Production [ edit] Ganesh Vinayaac, associate of Silambarasan, Tharun Gopi and SJ Suryah was supposed to direct Muppozhudhum Un Karpanaigal but was ultimately removed from the film. [5] He then announced a project called Madayan with Simbhu but project never took off [6] and then he was approached by Dayanidhi to direct a film for his cousin Arulnidhi. [7] Arulnidhi who was fresh after the success of Mouna Guru was supposed to do a project called "Ashokamithran" with Karu Pazhaniappan which was dropped accepted to do the project. The film was initially titled as Sambhavam and Pagal Kollai but later changed as Thagaraaru. [8] Pooja was initially approached to play the lead female role but she was busy with other commitments and thus recommended Poorna for the role. [9] The first day of shoot was held at location where the opening scene of producer's previous film Mankatha was shot, since the producer considered it as "sentimental. 10] The film was entirely shot at Madurai. The last schedule was commenced at 3 June, in Red Hills, Chennai. [11] Soundtrack [ edit] Thagaraaru Soundtrack album by Dharan Released 2012 Genre Feature film soundtrack Length Sony Music Label Sony Music Entertainment Producer Dharan Dharan chronology Endrendrum (2013) Thagaraaru (2012) Inga Enna Solluthu (2013) The songs were composed by Dharan. Initially Raghunanthan was credited as music composer but he was replaced by Dharan as he was busy with other work. [3] Dharan again was not available to compose the score, which was completed by Praveen Sathya. [3] The album have five songs and Ganesh Vinayaac wrote two of them, Super Thirudan and Thiruttu Payapulla. [3] The audio was launched on 18 November 2013 at an FM station through Sony Music. [12] Behindwoods wrote: Dharan continues to show promise with an album that has some impressive highlights. 13] Milliblog wrote: Standard fare from Dharan. 14] Annanadai - Velmurugan, Chinnaponnu Nanba Nanba - Ananthu Super Thirudan - Haricharan Thiruttu Payapulla - Karthik Thagaraaru Theme music Release [ edit] The satellite rights of the film were sold to Sun TV. Trailer of the film was screened during the intermission of Udhayam NH4. [15] The film was given a "U/A" certificate by the Indian Censor Board. [16] Critical reception [ edit] Thagaraaru opened to generally positive reviews from critics. [17] Sify wrote " Thagararu is a well-made fast moving thriller with a terrific climax twist. It's an unpredictable crime drama that combines violence and friendship set in Tamil cinemas favourite milieu-Madurai. 18] The Hindu wrote, For quite a while the film meanders through a path of romance and robbery before the director actually decides to steer the course of the story to a bloody end. Writer-director Ganesh Vinaayac gets himself stuck with a story that isnt convincing and characters that lack stability. 19] The New Indian Express wrote. Thagararu may be a Madurai story, but it manages to keep one engrossed for the most part, and is worth a watch. 20] Deccan Herald wrote, Thanks to ensemble performances, snazzy camera work, slick editing, deft direction by Vinaayak, while it sizzles, what, however, makes the experience a bit deja vu is, it reminds Subramaniapuram and a slew of Madurai films. Despite the fussy title, the film is worth a watch. 21] Behindwoods gave 2. 5 stars out of 5 and wrote. Thagaraaru has its share of madurai violence, friendship and cliches, but is a one time watch for its climax. 22] References [ edit] "Arulnidhi and Dhayanidhi's Thagararu. Behindwoods. 16 July 2012. Retrieved 21 July 2012. ^ Poorna With Arulnidhi – Poorna – Arulnithi – Ganesh Vinayak – Tamil Movie News. 21 May 2012. Retrieved 6 December 2013. ^ a b c d "Ganesh Vinayak – Interview. Retrieved 6 December 2013. ^ "Producer Shows The Door To Director - Muppozhudum Un Karpanaiyil - Atharva - Amala Paul - Tamil Movie News. 15 March 2011. Retrieved 6 December 2013. ^ Silambarasan Wants The Title Changed - Silambarasan - Madaiyan - Ganesh Vinayak - Tamil Movie News. 3 February 2012. Retrieved 6 December 2013. ^ Arulnidhi And Dayanidhi Team Up - Dayanidhi - Tamil Movie News. 24 May 2012. Retrieved 6 December 2013. ^ Arulnidhi - Poorna film rechristened as 'Thagararu. Indiaglitz. 14 July 2012. Retrieved 21 July 2012... Durai Dhayanidhi is everything to me" Arulnithi, Arulnithi, Thagaraaru. 18 November 2013. Retrieved 6 December 2013. ^ Mankatha's Opening Shot; Dhayanidhi's Sentiment - Mankatha - Ajith - Dhayanidhi Alagiri - Thagararu - Arulnidhi - Poorna - Tamil Movie News. 19 July 2012. Retrieved 6 December 2013. ^ Arulnithi's Thagaraaru is in its last leg, Arulnithi, Poorna. 2 June 2013. Retrieved 6 December 2013... Thagararu' audio today. Retrieved 6 December 2013. ^ Thagaraaru (aka) Thagararu songs review. Retrieved 6 December 2013. ^ Karthik (19 November 2013. Thagararu (Music review) Tamil – Dharan Kumar by Milliblog. Retrieved 6 December 2013. ^ Udhayam NH4 comes with three extra additions, Udhayam NH4, Siddharth. 17 April 2013. Retrieved 6 December 2013. ^ TNN 28 Nov 2013, 11. 24AM IST (28 November 2013. Arulnidhi's 'Thagararu' gets U/A certificate - Times Of India. Retrieved 6 December 2013. ^ Movie Review: Thagararu. Retrieved 6 December 2013. ^ Rangarajan, Malathi (7 December 2013. Thagaraaru: The trouble is…. The Hindu. Chennai, India. External links [ edit] Thagaraaru on IMDb.

Thagararu movie in tamil. Thagararu movie download hd. Thagararu heroine. Nanbaaaaa... Thagararu. 🔥🔥🔥🔥. Videos Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Learn more More Like This Action, Thriller 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 7. 7 / 10 X A young man's life undergoes a world of change when he has to face a few corrupt police officials. Director: Santha Kumar Stars: Arulnithi, Iniya, John Vijay Drama 6. 8 / 10 A hearing and speech impaired barber in Ooty meets his idol, actor Vivekh. A poignant friendship develops between the two. Radha Mohan Vivek, Tanya Crime 7 / 10 An alcoholic cop investigates a case involving a couple of gruesome murders. Will the case be the redemption that he was waiting for? Arivazhagan Venkatachalam Aishwarya Rajesh, Aishwarya Dutta 7. 3 / 10 The story revolves around a mysterious murder and a game between Bharath (Arulnithi) a calm and composed cab driver, and Ganesh (Ajmal) an urban cheat, who blackmails people for money. Mu. Maran Abhinayashree, Ajmal Ameer, Anandraj Comedy Sci-Fi When mobile networks stop functioning due to a solar flare, Vasanth, a geek, tries to restore them. But a deadly bomb will be activated if the connection is resumed. Ramprakash Rayappa Nakhul, Dinesh, Bindhu Madhavi Mystery 6 / 10 An inebriated filmmaker finds himself in a shocking situation when he realises that the mysterious girl who accompanied him to her room has been killed. Barath Neelakantan Shraddha Srinath, Adhik Ravichandran 6. 2 / 10 A kidnapping attempt that plays out in three variations. Chimbudeven Bindhu Madhavi, Ashrita Shetty Three young friends struggle to make it big in the real world. Vijay Milton Samuthirakani, Gautham Vasudev Menon, Bharath Seeni 8. 2 / 10 An intelligent forensic officer starts investigating a murder, but he faces a slew of challenges as he suffers from nyctophobia. Will he be able to solve the case? Pavel Navageethan Ram Arun Castro, Mime Gopi, Lijeesh 6. 4 / 10 A college professor tries to unite his students who lack proper guidance from parents and teachers. M. Anbazhagan Athulya Ravi, Thambi Ramaiah 5. 3 / 10 The lives of four happy policemen are turned upside down by a transfer order. N. J. Srikrishna Ramya Nambeeshan, Singampuli Karu Pazhaniappan Arulnithi Edit Storyline The protagonist and his 3 friends are a gang of notorious robbers who make merry in Madurai. Their way of life earns them a handful of formidable rivals. An intense depiction of friendship and love marred by rivalry and vengeance ensues. Plot Summary Add Synopsis Details Release Date: 6 December 2013 (India) See more  » Company Credits Technical Specs See full technical specs  ».

Thagaraaru movie scenes. Thagararu mp3 song download. Thagararu full movie watch online. Thagararu full movie tamil 2013. Yaaro : unda peru ena. Yaaru : enda peru Yaaru. Yaaro : mudhlilae ni yaaru unaku ena venum? loool. Serious note : ini dan yaaru avargalin padalgal endan cellphone la olikum Vedi Vedi fam🐯🐯. Thagaraaru. Thagaraaru 2013. என் கலைஞரை உன் முகத்தில பாத்துக்கரேன் தம்பி. Thagararu movie scenes. (Kutti Puli)² December 07, 2013, Rated 1. 0 / 5, Write a review Review Thagaraaru & earn 20 DM Points. Yes. I walked out of "Thagaraaru" a mind-numbingly familiar film that isn't embarrassed by how plain derivative it is. It is the kind of film that gives the term 'CineMadurai' a bad name. Repulsively violent and detestable assortment of protagonists, a total dick of leading lady, scary looking rowdies who strongly believe that a veecharuva is mightier than a pen, abysmal attempts at humor... this film has it all. Is this really a portrait of Madurai? I know it isn't, but it makes even Sasikumar's "Kutti Puli" seem more interesting. Saravanan (Arulnithi) and his three best friends, whose names I never managed to pick, are petty criminals with no one else to call their own. Besides bureau-pulling, thievery and being jerks in general, they probably spend most of their time watching "Subramaniapuram" on repeat because these wannabes come across as cheap knockoffs of the original gang. The betrayal must have made a big impression on one of them, because he seems particularly pissed off when Saravanan finds himself a girlfriend named Meenakshi (Oh puh-lease. They pick fights and make half a dozen enemies, including a cop who appears to be channeling his inner Duraisingam. The film expects us to root for these thugs because, in one random shot, they can be seen throwing wad of cash to people in need. Saravanan considers himself a Robin Hood and tells Meenakshi he only steals from rich people, while we can clearly see him stealing from people at ATMs, beat unsuspecting foreigners and what not. I missed watching "Mounaguru" but I have only heard good things about Arulnithi's understated performance in it. Here, he goes over the top, giving us no reason to root for his character which is inherently unlikable. Every time he speaks a line in his broken English or when he grins wide and nods his head sideways (like Jai in Subramaniyapuram) you just feel like punching him squarely on the nose. I repeatedly felt embarassed to be just sitting there watching this film. There's not a shred of originality, and even fails at whatever it tries to imitate. It's loud and crass and everyone just keeps shouting at each other. But some of the handful of people at my screening seemed to be having a nice time. I don't mean to judge, but how can I not judge? I just fail to understand how someone could enjoy this film. Kutti Puli was a commercial success, right? What do I know.

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